Diana Complex is located 27 km from Plovdiv and 10 km southeasterly from Asenovgrad, at the foot of Rhodopi Mountain, in Cherven Village, 412 m above sea-level. The surroundings are suitable for religious tourism, walks, fishing (Topolovo Dam – 5 km, Sushitsa Dam – 4 km, Lenovo Dam – 7 km, 40th Springs Dam – 3 km, Bryagovo Dam – 3 km), swimming, mountain bike, historical sightseeing, sun bathing, herbs picking. The hotel is starting point for the rock phenomena “Belintash” (17 km) and the holy site “Krastova Gora” (through Mostovo Village). The region is marked by beautiful mountain, it is far from industrial centers, it is relaxing and has a number of historical landmarks as Perperikon (55 km) and Asenova Fortress (10 km), monasteries (Bachkovo Monastery – 15 km, St.Petka Monastery – 4 km, St.Nedelya Monastery – 8 km).

Attractions near Cherven village

MonasteriesBachkovo monastery
BelintashBelintash phenomenon
Krastova GoraKrastova gora
Assens's FortressAssens's Fortress - Assenova Krepost
Dams40th Springs Dam