The surroundings are suitable for religious tourism (Bachkovo Monastery – 15 km, St.Petka Monastery – 4 km, St.Nedelya Monastery – 8 km), walks, fishing (Topolovo Dam – 5 km, Sushitsa Dam – 4 km, Lenovo Dam – 7 km, 40th Springs Dam – 3 km, Bryagovo Dam – 3 km), swimming, mountain bike, historical sightseeing, sun bathing, herbs picking.

Bachkovo monastery – 15 km

Bachkovo Monastery ranks second only to Rila Monastery both with regard to size, and architectural significance. According to the historians it was founded during Byzantine slavery in 1083. Its founders are two Georgian brothers - Grigorii and Apasii Bakuriani.
Regarding the architecture, the monastery presents as joined rectangular buildings that form an enormous inner yard, in which are located the churches: St. Trinity, St. Archangels and St. Nikola.
  Bachkovo monastery

Muldavski monastery "St. Petka" - 4 km

The monastery is situated in the northern foot of the Rhodope Mountains, 7 km away from the south-east of Asenovgrad. As the legend goes, it was founded at the end of the 14th century and at the beginning of the 15th century.
In the time of the Ottoman rule, the monastery was one of the safest shelters of our "apostle of liberty" - Vasil Levski. His bas-relief is situated on the stone wall.
  Muldavski monastery

Arapovo monastery "St. Nedelya" - 8 km

Eight kilometers to the east of Asenovgrad, near the village of Zlatovrah is situated another Holy cloister - St. Nedelya Arapovski Monastery.
It was built by Rhodopean masters in the middle of 19th century - in 1856 or so - and is one of the few monasteries built in the middle of a field, totally unprotected.
  Arapovski monastery

Belintash – 17 km



At about 30 kilometers from Asenovgrad inward Rhodopi Mountain, in the region of the villages Vrata and Sini Vrah is located the rock massif Belintash. This is incredibly beautiful place which deserves to be visited.


Belintash is a rock plateau 300 meters long, 35-45 meters wide and 50 meters high. Many riddles and legends are connected with the rock. It is supposed that it was one of the biggest ancient sanctuaries of the Thracians in Rhodopi Mountain.

Krastova Gora – 30 km

Krastova Gora


Krastova Gora is another natural landmark which wins us not only with its beauty, but also with the legends about this sacred place, a crossroad of spiritual powers. Many believers fоund remedy here in the Rhodopi Mountain for their pains and consolation for their numerous sufferings.


Some people are convinced that everything is owed to a piece of the Cross on which Jesus was crucified, which is buried at the foot of the peak. In 1995 the temple, which now greets the thousands of believers, was finished.

Assens's Fortress

Asenova Fortress


Assens's Fortress is located just off the road from Asenovgrad to Smolyan. It is situated 3 kilometers south from Asenovgrad on a rocky top over the left side of Asenitza River.


The church, St. Bogoroditsa Petrichka, is restored, preserved and today is working for visitors. It has two floors with a wide narthex and unique frescoes from 14th century.

40th Springs Dam – 3 km

40th Springs Dam

Lenovo Dam – 7 km

Lenovo Dam

Topolovo Dam – 5 km

Topolovo Dam

Bryagovo Dam – 10 km

Bryagovo Dam

Sushitsa Dam – 4 km

Sushitsa Dam




Plovdiv - old city


Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. It is an important strategic, industrial, trade, scientific, cultural and communication center. The town is situated on six hills in the Upper Thracian lowland along the banks of the Maritza River. In Plovdiv Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance and modern culture are interwoven in a unique way, turning it into an attractive tourist center. Plovdiv is extremely rich in cultural landmarks.
But not only history makes this town interesting. Numerous international festivals like the folklore festival in August, the chamber music festival in June or the opera-ballet festival are held annually here. The town has an archeological museum, Museum of the Bulgarian Revival, museum of the Modern History and Natural Scientific museum. You can visit some of the art galleries and enjoy the mastery of the Bulgarian as well as the foreign artists.


Plovdiv - church

Perperikon – 55 km



In the eastern Rhodopi Mountain, 15 km north-east from the town of Kurdzhali, on a rocky summit, is located the famous sanctuary and castle of the Thracians - Perperikon. Legend has it that in the remote past, the peak was called 'the rock home of the Sun God.'

Ancient historians claim that somewhere here, high in the mountains stood the shrine of the Thracian God Dionysus - the site where two major prophecies were made that were to leave a mark on world history. The excavations continue till nowadays.